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(Women’s Influencer Network) is your solution for connecting your brand with influential content makers. With over five years of experience developing influencer-seeded campaigns, WIN helps amplify your brand and create affinity for your products.

We pride ourselves in developing unique custom content integration opportunities including:

  • Promoted social campaigns

  • Leverage the social footprint of our talent to build awareness
  • Sponsorship and brand integration in video series

  • Our talent creates engaging video series wherein we can seamlessly weave your brand
  • Media

  • Media packages available across our network of sites
  • Meaningful integration in editorial sites

  • Whether authoring your own content or tapping into our talent, we create an organic integration into our editorial sites

    How it Works

  1. Let us know your campaign goals, preferred audience, budgets, and metrics for success.
  2. We filter these parameters to identify the right talent recommendations.
  3. We reach out to qualifying talent to gauge interest.
  4. We work hand in hand with you to ensure the brand is appropriately represented in the content.
  5. See your campaign go live and your brand affinity grow!

Brands we work with.

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